Upland Hunting In Utah – What To Expect

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has lists of places they would like to go hunt. My wife and I have a list slowly building of either species or states we want to visit. The anticipation of going somewhere new, finding new challenges, and all of the unknowns, makes the hunt even more … Continue reading Upland Hunting In Utah – What To Expect


The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast Joins Project Upland Listen

The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast Joins Project Upland Listen https://projectupland.com/gun-dog-podcast/the-gun-dog-notebook-podcast/ — Read on projectupland.com/gun-dog-podcast/the-gun-dog-notebook-podcast/ Guys. This is awesome to see my mentor becoming part of the Project Uplands family. Check this article out and then don't forget to subscribe to The Gun Dog Notebook podcast!

American Wigeon – A Waterfowl Species Profile

American Wigeon – A Waterfowl Species Profile https://endlessmigrationhunt.com/waterfowl-species-profiles/american-wigeon-a-waterfowl-species-profile/ — Read on endlessmigrationhunt.com/waterfowl-species-profiles/american-wigeon-a-waterfowl-species-profile/ This article is a great read. The guys at Endless Migration have a lot of good stuff coming. These species profiles are great to learn and keep that fire going until duck season comes around. Check it out.