No hunt but eyes to the sky!

I know this blog is about my fiancé and I hunting and getting her into hunting but these last two weeks we had a few things planned that broke up our hunting a little bit. We went on what my buddy called a “nature walk” and back packed to Havasupai Falls which was pretty fun on its own.

Then, we returned to work and had the opportunity to drive my future mother in law up to Oregon where she was moving. It was a long drive but I can’t say waterfowl hunting wasn’t on our minds.

Growing up in Reno, NV, I was smack dab in the pacific fly way and was used to seeing flights of geese and seas of black walking in any and every piece of grass in town. When we were driving to Oregon we decided to go north through Boise and then turn west. This made it so we got to see the migration happening and made for some awesome sights.

The best part was seeing how the excitement for waterfowl hunting has taken off in my fiancé. She would see geese and ducks and has been getting better at identifying them. Even when dusk was setting in, she could identify a goose over a duck just by the wing flaps and how they fly. She even finger shot at them.

Seeing this excitement has made it even more worth it to me. In a couple of days I’ll be chasing a swan and hopefully getting her on some ducks. It seems like the migration is really starting to move south and that makes us so ready to get out in the marsh again.

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