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There’s a couple of hunting forums I belong to that always keep things interesting for me. We talk about a lot of different topics that I always think “I should write a summary of this discussion”. One of the discussions always comes when a new comer shows up on the forum. One of the questions that gets asked often and then discussed is the topic of gear and what is needed for the different kinds of hunting. Since this blog is mostly about me introducing my fiance to hunting, I figured doing a quick summary of the things I’ve bought for her would be good.

I’ll give the reasons that I bought what I bought and just a basic “how it’s worked” review on it. This way you kind of get my opinion on things. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll post links to everything so that you can purchase it if you’d like. If anyone would like to make any aditions to this list, feel free and comment below, and don’t forget to <a href=”http://Subscribe to Birds and dogs by Email” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>subscribe.

  • Stoeger P3000. Since my fiance has gotten into hunting, any day we both have off usually means were in the field. It’s fun and she’s usually the one asking if were going hunting so the purchase was justified. I went with the 28″ barrel option and got a Hi Vis sight added to it. I stuck with a pump since that is what she’s used to and the only down side is that it doesn’t shoot 3 1/2″ shells.
  • Kings Camo Field Shadow Parka. I have one of my own and have worn it in snow storms, had ice build on it, had some sideways rain hit it, and more crazy weather. I love the layering option with it and how it works as a windbreak and is waterproof with the outer shell on it. The only and biggest downside, annoyance, is the hood that is just snapped on. A zipper would have made it so it doesn’t snag and start popping off and would still make it removable. I’m sure Kings Camo has a good reason for it.
  • Rogers Sporting Goods 5mm Neoprene Waders. This is another one of the things that I own my self. I’ve worn mine for a few seasons now and love these waders. They keep me plenty warm, I just add layers when the ice comes on. The boots are good and give you good grip when hiking and it even has hand warmers on the inside! I’m waiting to find a downside to these waders.
  • Thermals. This is one place where skimping isn’t worth it. I always wore the cotton thermals you buy at Walmart but for the fiance, I followed my friends advice and got her some merino wool thermals. The link I posted is for the top but there’s also pants that go along with that. She likes those thermals so much that she wears it to both of her jobs where she spends a considerable amount of time outside. She says they are super comfortable and she always feels warm in them.
  • Insulated Gloves. These are good for when the weather starts getting great for waterfowl but horrible if you like being warm. She’s worn these quite a few times now and really likes them.
  • Hevi Steel Ammo. I chose to add this just for whoever is reading this as an inital guide to what to buy. This is a personal choice being that it patterns well in my gun and it doesn’t break the bank. I do 3″ shells of #2 shot. It works all year.

This sums up the waterfowl end of things. Upland hunting is quite a bit cheaper and easier to talk about. I mentioned some of that in my last post but to keep things organized, I’ll mention it here too. We choose to wear our hunting pants for when we go coyote hunting. I do that because they are meant to go through brush and get torn up and even though I have work jeans, my dedicated hunting pants do the job just as good.

  • Game Vest. Pretty much a must for any upland hunter, I’m a fan of wearing orange when walking a field with other people. Part because I’ve heard the wizz of BB’s going by and I choose to be more visible. This vest is super light and can carry lots of shells, if you need it. I’ve carried water bottles and snacks in the vest and still felt comfortable.

11/28/18 Update

I threw this topic up again on the forum and these are the suggestions from the guys.

They suggested:

  • Decoys, just a basic set up. I can give you some pointers on what we use, we keep it pretty simple
  • A Duck Call to get started on. I started on one from Ducks Unlimited when I joined up.
  • Kayak or a boat, I think this is an along the way purchase after you get the basics. Today I put 5 miles on just hiking jump shooting.
  • A retriever. I used to have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and I wish I still had him.
  • A hoodie. I wear that in early season and switch out as it gets colder.
  • Face paint was mentioned, what I did was get my fiance a neck gaiter that she can pull up.
  • A decoy bag, this helps if you hike a ways. Mine is simple but it works, it has backpack straps so its easy to carry for a couple of miles.
  • The best advice sits at “License, gun and shells”. With that you can start jump shooting ducks and get into hunting.

I hope this update helps along.


5 thoughts on “New Hunter Gear list

  1. Just found the link on Powderhook, I’m the one looking at getting a boat who is a kid new to hunting so anything helps, I love the site and have the Stoeger gun mentioned above. I avidly fish and hunt so this helps me a lot, thank you!


    1. Sweet man. Glad you like the post subscribe and share the posts you like on Facebook. It would be a big help. We just want to get the word out and help people get into the sport.


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