Stocking Stuffers For Hunters

Since it’s the holiday season, we decided to make a list of stocking stuffer ideas for hunters. These are things we use that are small and pretty cheap. They should make filling a stocking pretty easy and fun. We all know hunters tend to collect lots of things through time so here’s how you can contribute to it.

Headlamp. Headlamps always come in handy in multiple ways and they can always be used hunting. Looking for something with a red light option makes it so most animals can’t see you hiking in.

Havalon Knife. This is the most expansive thing on the list but I use mine every time I have to clean my harvest. It a razor blade that has interchangeable blades. It’s the best thing ever. I’ve butchered a whole elk with one of these blades.


Neck Gaiters. These are good to add to the camouflage and also helps keep bugs off of you. In the winter they work good at helping your face stay warm

OnXmaps. There’s either the chip you can put in your GPS (more expensive), or there’s a phone app with a subscription for your state (the cheaper option, here’s the link). We’ll be doing a more thorough review of that later.

Insulated gloves. These go without saying. As the season gets going, staying warm becomes the real challenge.

HIvis Shotgun Sight. If you have a shotgun shooter, these things are easy to install and they make a difference in lining up on your target. Kaela really likes hers.

Duck call with Instructional Video. I used this when I started learning how to call ducks. It really made a difference and I felt way more confident when I went on the marsh. They make these for goose calls too.

Duck Call Lanyard. These are nice to have once you start collecting duck calls. If you’ve ever seen a duck hunting video, these can get pretty full with all the different types of calls.

Duck Carrying Strap. I don’t have one of these yet, but I’m in the market for one. This one looks pretty good. These are used to carry your ducks out when you don’t have a boat and have to hike out with your ducks.


Beanie. Whether its camouflage or not, a thick beanie always comes in handy.

Merino Wool Socks. Merino wool is really comfortable and seems to hold heat in better than others, Kaela also swears by her Merino Wool socks.

All of these things you can pick up on amazon or go to sporting good stores and find your own variations. If your hunter has some of these things too, it doesn’t hurt to have more. OnXhunts is what we use as part of our scouting for hunts and it’s a great app and mapping software. The chips are pricey but they come with a membership too. Check it all out and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave comments and we can answer your questions.

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