Fish Springs Part 2

This plan worked out well, the jump shoot didn’t have much. I lost another duck in the reeds, but we moved on and set up on one of the ponds. We had about 2 more hours of shooting time and we set up on the same spot we had shot our pintail hens earlier in the day. We found a good spot to hide and set up in. We had been there earlier, it’s the same spot that I shot my first pintail hen, so we already felt like it was lucky. That first hour had no movement. I wasn’t super surprised, since the beginning of the day, the birds had moved to the south ponds and weren’t really moving around much. It was super cold, and they need a better reason to move then me wanting to hunt them. As soon as the sun set down, we started seeing some movement. Soon, there was action to be had everywhere. We had so many birds circling that we were having a hard time keeping track. We would call and get some to start working in, but the down side is we had no wind, so the ducks were skeptical. I’ve wanted to get some of those automatic decoys that make the water move around just for occasions like these. We had a couple of pintail drakes buzz us and we both missed those ducks. Part of the reason we missed is because we were a bit excited over all the ducks moving around. After having a somewhat slow day, all this action got our nerves going a bit. The other bad thing is we had birds landing about 60 yards east from us on a different pond. We may not have been on the X, but we were close enough to get some attention.


The last hour was what duck hunters dream of. We had ducks flying over us and circling and moving all around us. We had a couple of opportunities happen that we didn’t shoot at since we wanted the ducks to be finishing in the decoys. We had about half an hour left when we had a single pintail hen finish in the decoys. We both popped up and shot. That hen got lit up good but still managed to start flying off. On my follow up shot I was able to finish her. We were excited, and I almost went to grab it in the water when my buddy pointed out that there were more birds still working us. I was amazed that even with us shooting like we did, ducks continued to come in to our decoys. We left my duck there since it wasn’t moving, and we continued to try and call them in. The lack of wind and lack of movement in our decoys made things difficult but we still had plenty of lookers. Sadly, that Pintail hen was the last bird of the day. Shooting hours ended and it came time to recover the duck and pick up the decoys.



As I made my way to my duck, I helped my buddy by throwing some decoys on shore. It was cold, and I wanted to help him get his decoys, so we can get warm in the truck and not have frozen hands. Wading out to get my duck was the toughest time I’ve had. I was walking through waist high marsh weeds. I think that’s what you call all that grass in the water. I finally got to my duck as my friend finished getting his decoys. I felt bad for not being able to help him with his decoys, but I was going through weed hell. Eventually I made my way back to shore. I was tired, but we had a heck of an end to our hunt. We had a full day of hunting and had some good memories made. My buddy showed me this great invention, it’s been around for a while but it’s new to me. He had some decoy gloves that keep your hands dry when you’re picking up your decoys in the cold. The best part is that he had forgot them in the truck, so his hands had frozen anyways. I learned a lot going out there with him, the goal of getting the lay of the land was accomplished. It’s not just anyone that’ll take you out hunting knowing you’ll be bringing your fiancé back out to hunt their spots. Some friends are just like that though. The drive back we kept each other awake and talked about the next hunt. I can’t wait to take Kaela out there.


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3 thoughts on “Fish Springs Part 2

  1. Thanks for the update on your Fish Springs hunts. I have visited that area many times almost 30 years ago, but not since. I don’t think it has changed much since I saw it last.

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