Decibullz Custom Earplug Review

If you’ve been following us and our blog. You’ve seen how we’ve given Kaela such a hard time on wearing earplugs. We decided to research hunting earplugs and then found mixed opinions on them. We also found many different options. Earplugs when big game hunting is kind of a simple answer, wear them when you see your animal. Waterfowl and upland hunting, and even coyote hunting, it becomes something different. You need to hear the noises around you. Especially duck hunting. As a result of all of that research, we decided to go ahead and make a purchase. We got the Decibullz custom molded percussion earplugs.



We got the earplugs and we were super excited to give this a shot. Luckily, the next day I was going coyote hunting so we got down to shaping and fitting the new earplugs. The box is very clean looking and has some great graphics on it. Just the packaging alone makes you feel like you’re opening a present on Christmas morning. Once you get everything out of the packaging, you find quite a few things. The whole point of this is that it’s a custom earplug so having options is important. The coolest thing I saw in there was the thank you card they included. The other thing I thought was cool is that they included a spare set of molds so you can practice or make a new mold that fits comfortably in your ear and protects what needs to be protected.



They included a few other customization options. They included some silicone tips and some foam tips. I’ll get back to these. There’s also a whole instruction manual on how to get everything done. They make it as simple as I think is possible. I felt like I had some advantage from molding mouthpieces in the past since it’s the same process. The other thing included is a nice case for your earplugs. Keeping earplugs clean and free from extra dirt is important. Especially if you plan on wearing your earplugs all day.

On to customizing.

Customizing the earplugs is easy but also a touch tricky. First I started by boiling some water and getting it ready for the molding. They recommend you use a mug and a metal spoon to handle the mold. It was more convenient than just dumping it on a pot of hot water. They do say for you to do one mold at a time. In the instructions, they also say to keep the filter off and they say for you to use the smallest silicone tip. This makes it easier for you to mold without ruining everything else. Once warmed up, you place the mold in your ear and start shaping. The company did send me some tips when I told them I was buying their earplugs. They suggested that I have someone help me with pushing the mold on my ear. I had Kaela help me so that I had that whole “bowl” area of my ear filled with the mold.


Here’s the tricky part. You have 3 silicone and 3 foam tips for your earplugs. This is so you can get a good comfortable fit in your ear canal while still protecting your hearing. It took me a bit of switching things around to find the first fit. At home I had Kaela standing next to me whisper to me and with the first foam tips I had on, I couldn’t hear her whispering very well and she said I was talking louder than normal. Which to me shows that it was already doing its job but it was taking away the one thing I need when duck hunting, hearing signs of birds before they are in shooting range. So I switched to silicone and that seemed ok but I felt like it wasn’t creating a very good seal. I left it on and decided I’d play with it some more when I go hunting the next day. Eventually, I settled on a smaller size foam tip that was included. It sealed ok in my ear canal but it didn’t take a ton away from soft sounds. It was still limited but not enough to be a big deal. This is the part that you need some more trying on and off and figuring out what is the custom fit for you.


For a custom product, this worked pretty well. It wasn’t hard to get it shaped and fit, it just took a little time and patience. The company does recommend that you slowly increase the noise exposure while you get this figured out. We started with clapping all the way to a shooting day out in the desert. Here’s the final review.



Today we took the earplugs out and really put them to the test. I’ve been wearing them in different situations. I’ve worn them at one of my side jobs where a compressor goes off the entire time and they worked great. It took me a bit to get things set up to where they deadened the sound and still allowed me to hear enough. I switched between the foam and the silicone tips multiple times until I found one that worked. That’s part of the magic, you can make this thing totally custom. I did need to reshape one of my earplugs too and that made it more comfortable to wear. They do warn you that you can over shape them and I was guilty of that on that one.


This wasn’t some scientific test, it’s simply a does this work enough for me to actually wear it hunting. We took it shooting to see how it did in what it’s intended for. First, we started with Kaela’s 9mm Glock. The Decibullz percussion filters worked great. After shooting the 9mm, we switched to our shotguns. The shotgun worked good too. I wasn’t super worried since my shotgun doesn’t bother me without earplugs but it worked good. The foam tips I had on already deaden the sound down a bit but Kaela and I were able to talk to each other and even whisper a bit and I could still hear the ambient noise.


The last part of this test was us shooting my 7mm Rem Mag. I’ve shot it 3 times without earplugs by accident. It was painful. Not pleasant at all. So to me shooting it multiple times would be the real test. The Decibullz percussion filters worked even better. Almost like that’s what they are meant for! All I heard with each shot was a dull thump. No ear ringing and no discomfort wearing it. We were out there shooting for 3 hours and I had mine on the entire time. I had also worn mine for 4 hours straight hunting two weeks prior. In conclusion, these are worth more then what you pay for them. You may go to competitors and there’s some that a lot of people swear by but I’m 100% satisfied with the comfort and performance of these earplugs. Decibullz nailed it right in the head.


I was skeptical about these when Homer was helping me mold them to my ears.  I am so used to the fully covered ear muff style ear protection due to needing them daily at one of my jobs, and during training at the other job.  My ears are SUPER sensitive to loud sounds, especially the loud sounds of gun pops, so for me, the more sound I can drown out the better!


Homer has gotten after me a few times this past year during hunting because I couldn’t hear the ducks or “Thanksgiving Day Dinner” birds (a.k.a. sage hens/roosters) flying overhead or straight at us.  *Side note: I have been made aware that sage hens/roosters are nowhere near the size of a wild turkey, but for a first time (blonde) hunter like myself, all things are giant and will kill you.*  The reason I couldn’t hear the wings flapping as the ducks and everything else was flying in was because I had the foam ear plugs in – the ones you twist, shove deep in your ear, and they expand to your ear hole size to mute the world.  Perfect… I thought.

That was until I actually tried Decibullz.  WOW!  When we got to our shooting spot, I put them in and became even more skeptical because everything Homer was saying, and everything we were doing, I could hear perfectly.  I have never experienced being able to hear all things while wearing ear protection.  I thought, “this is the exact opposite of what I need.”


However, Homer explained to me that is exactly how Decibullz works.  You’re supposed to be able to hear things around you like normal, and the Decibullz ear protection will take away that painful popping sound of the gun firing, and will eliminate the ringing in your ears that those loud bangs cause.  I immediately became fascinated but was worried that my first trigger pull on my Gen 4 Glock 17 9mm was going to hurt like hell like it does every time someone fires it on the range line without warning others to put their “eyes and ears” on.  I pulled the trigger anyway.

I have to preface this by saying my first trigger pull was still loud, but it did not hurt like it would have I not been wearing earplugs.  I told Homer this and he suggested I try a bigger foam tip on the ear mold.  I was wearing the small sized ones.  I switched to the large (skipping over the medium) sized ones, got on the line again, and raised my muzzle.  BOOM!  The sound of the bullet firing from my Glock was quiet, much quieter than the first pull.  I knew the large foam tips were best for my ears.


I continued to shoot, firing the remaining 17 rounds while still being able to hear Homer talking to me in the background.  I thought, “where have these been all duck season!?”  I am so excited Homer found this product and was able to get us each a pair.  My hearing is something I truly cherish and try to protect as much as I can.

The next test was shooting my shotgun.  Multiple times throughout this past hunting season Homer and his friends have given me a hard time and said things such as, “shotguns are not loud!”  They pull the trigger without me wearing my earplugs to prove it.  However, the only thing they proved to me was that I now felt like I’d lost 30 years worth of hearing because the loud pop and the ringing were painful… for what felt like hours!

I got on the line, Homer threw the clay disk, muzzle raised and BOOM!  Wait, what?  I actually felt no pain in my ears, and truly felt as though my ears were fully protected, just like those little squishy foam ones worked for me in the past.  Only with Decibullz, I can still hear everything else going on around me.  Homer came to my side and started rubbing his fingers together softly to mimic the sounds of wings flapping.  He asked if I could hear that sound, which I could.  I was SO IMPRESSED!! And, quite frankly, I am 100% SOLD!

What truly made me 100% sold, aside from the comfort and ease of use, was when I finally got to pull the trigger on his 7mm Remington Mag rifle.  Oh my God, the first time he shot this around me I was probably 30 yards away from him with the foam earplugs in and it was so dang loud!!  However, with the Decibullz in, and my ear legit being on top of the gun as I pulled that trigger, it was the quietest shot I’d ever heard from a rifle.  Yeah, I am sold!


The Decibullz ear protection is lightweight, easy to mold, and don’t fall out of your ears when moving around and bending over.  To me, the biggest annoyance with earplugs is having to put them on and take them off repeatedly, or twisting them up and shoving them in, only to feel pain and discomfort when removing them, only to have to put them back in shortly after.  Decibullz eliminates all of that hassle!

I am not one to write reviews about something unless I truly have an amazing experience with the product.  Companies send me review requests after everything I purchase, every time.  I, like probably 90% of the world, deletes those and moves on with their life.  Decibullz, however, is a company that deserves an amazing review.  Even this unsolicited one.  These earplugs are legit the best hearing protection I have ever had and will not go back to anything else when hunting or on range days.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!  Super comfortable and I cannot wait to use them from here on out!


If you are interested in buying some, here’s a little more motivation, click on this Link for free shipping on any orders over $50 Dollars. Also use DAD15 for 15% off

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