13 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts 2019.


Fathers day is just around the corner and it’s crunch time if you want to get your hunting dad a father’s day gift. Here are our suggestions. Most of these can be bought on amazon prime and we made sure to include the links on the items that we recommend. Take a look and see how it fits your dad’s needs. The things we recommend are used and tested by us and we wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t worth the money. Hopefully, this helps you get your dad some great gifts.

Havalon knife– Really, this is the most useful piece of equipment we take outdoors or anywhere. Havalon uses razor technology to have the sharpest blades around. This little knife can do a lot! I’ve used it to butcher an elk before and Kaela has used it to clean her first bird. The best part is all of the replaceable blades. They make it so you always have a sharp blade no matter what. This is a simple gift that will get lots of use.

Biodegradable wipes– There are many varieties and brands of these, but if you are like me, you do not want to harm the environment by leaving your garbage or your wipes laying around when you hunt.  If you don’t like to pack out your used wipes, biodegradable ones will be the way to go.  Grunts brand is a US Veteran-owned brand and it’s no scent formula is perfect for hunting! And, you’re supporting a Veteran with every purchase! Can it get much better than that? (by Kaela)

Camo Hat– Being out in the sun can really wear you out. The worst is when you are hunting and that light on your face just gives you a way to whatever you’re hunting. A good hat saves you from some serious sunburns as well as helps you hide in whatever cover you are in. A guy can never have too many hats. It’s a simple and cheap gift that you’ll get to see your dad wear.


Rifle Sling– If your dad hunts, he probably already has a rifle sling. The thing about if he’s a hardcore hunter is that he probably uses his sling a lot. That being said, having a good sling or a replacement sling can really help. These also work on shotguns and they make a cheap gift that can get lots of mileage, pun intended.

Camelbak– We both use our camelbaks. Camelbaks are a great way to carry what you need in the field while at the same time being able to stay hydrated. Most people are familiar with Camelbaks and I’ve used some off brands before but the actual brand name lasts and takes a beating where others don’t. This is a great father’s day gift.


ThermalsHomer bought me a pair of  Merino wool thermals and I use them constantly! Both of my jobs require me to be outside all day, and I wear these under my uniforms at both.  They keep you warm and toasty but also allow your body to breathe.  They’re lightweight and soft, too.  I chose to buy the men’s brand because the arms and legs are longer on them (I am 5’ 10” with a wingspan of an aircraft so the length is needed). These are an absolute MUST for anyone who enjoys being warm while hunting during the cold months. (by Kaela)

Darn Tough Socks – “Unconditionally guaranteed for life” – Need I say more? Not only does this company back their product for life, but they are amazingly comfortable and worth the cost.  I was skeptical at first, thinking, “I am not paying $16.00 for one pair of socks”, but the first time I wore them for a long hike, I was sold! They sell men’s, women’s, Junior’s, and tactical socks of all lengths, thin/thickness levels, and colors, too! These are not only good for hunting and hiking, but for skiing and other various activities as well. (by Kaela)

Hand & Toe Warmers – I HATE being cold. HATE IT! Hot Hands brand Super Warmers and Toe Warmers are always a go-to.  The Super Warmers keep your hands warm for up to 18 hours!!  No one is every happy when their toes or hands are freezing, so these are a must-have item, especially when you’re getting up for an early hunt, a long hike, and a long wait until the right shot comes your way! (by Kaela)

Hunting Boots – I absolutely love mine! They are incredibly comfortable and well paired with a set of Darn Tough Socks!  They also fit well on your foot, not hurting them after several miles or several hour hikes.  I wore mine in and out from Havasupai Falls and they definitely were not a letdown! I have had mine for 3 years now, too, and they are not even near needing to be replaced! I wear them when Homer takes me hunting in the months when it isn’t snow covered grounds, and they’re very sturdy with a good grip on the bottom. (by Kaela)

Decibullz Earplugs– This is something I swear by. We did our own research, we bought some and tested it out and at the end, we fell in love. These earplugs are great for any hunter or shooter. It makes a great father’s day gift. Help you dad save his hearing while hunting and still be able to hear you talk and duck wings and any subtle sound they may need to hear while hunting. That’s why we love these. Use the discount code DAD15 for 15% off. If you have any questions about these custom earplugs let us know. I can talk your ear off.


OnXhunt maps– Most hunters now have some sort of map app on their phones. We have used a few different apps in the past but OnX has a great product. It’s user-friendly and they keep coming up with more features. Even if you are somewhere with no cell reception, you can download a chunk of the map onto your phone and then still use it and mark it as you wish. Most likely your hunting dad already has the app but there is a yearly subscription and get that as a gift is a great idea. Imagine if someone else paid for a subscription to something you use every time you’re outdoors. It can’t get much better than that. Right now OnX has a 30% off deal for father’s day. I believe it ends on 6/16/19. Check out their website for that deal.

Audible audiobooks– When I did construction we listened to music at work all the time. Sometimes I would get tired of my music and try and find a different genre or something to listen to. Eventually one of my coworkers got me on audiobooks. He told me about the free trial subscription and I was hooked. It’s great for road trips or anyone that likes a change of pace. I have listened to multiple books through it. The link I included is for the free trial. It’s no cost and if your dad doesn’t like it, he can just cancel the subscription. The actual subscription is 14.99 a month and every month you can get a new book or 2 exclusive Amazon books. If that is what you’re interested in, then here’s the link for the Gold Membership. With this link, you also get 2 free audiobooks that you can listen to. So it’s a killer deal for father’s day.

Hopefully, this helps make some last minute decisions for Father’s day. Kaela’s idea is to put together a basket with a bunch of the small things on the list and card.

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