Getting Back On The Horse

Writing a hunting blog every week can be quite challenging. Especially when life throws two vacation trips and everything else at you in the middle of duck season. For a duck hunter, not getting out there just nags at the back of my mind. If I had the time I would have. Either way, this is me getting back on the horse and getting some pen to paper, so to speak. I’ve got some big plans for the blog this year. I’m hoping to come up with some hats for giveaways and to sell on the website. If you haven’t seen yet, I did get an article published on Project Upland’s website. That was an amazing opportunity that came just as life got crazy.

In the way of the blog, there are 9 days left in duck season in Utah and I’m hoping to do a full day hunt sometime soon. After that, it’s chukar season. Well, chukar season is already here but I don’t start until I’m done with ducks. I do plan on writing a review of the boots I bought before our Havasupai trip. I’ll continue to send in articles to magazines in hopes of getting some more published. I’m looking at finding ways to get more involved this year and hopefully can have some articles on volunteering with the Utah DWR.

I’m keeping this one short for the repeat readers. This is me getting back on the horse and getting the motions going again. Next week I’ll have a full blog post to publish and hopefully inspire some new hunters into the sport. Meanwhile, share your favorite posts and help spread the word. If you’re new reading this, feel free to subscribe and share the blog with others.

4 thoughts on “Getting Back On The Horse

  1. Hey homer, I know the feeling of not getting out a lot during the duck season. We haven’t been able to go more than 4 times since opening day. I recently purchased a mud boat and if you would like to, I would be happy to take you hunting on it this next season.

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    1. Sounds like a good time to me! I was hoping to get a last hunt in this week but now it’s not looking like it’ll be happening. I guess that’s how life goes.


  2. I think it’s a common thing for beginning bloggers. I know I struggle with it constantly. On the one hand you want to produce content but on the other hand most of us have a few things we can do well wherever we live. So you either have to do new things, to make new content or find different things to talk about doing the same things you like to do. Plus, whether anybody admits it or not the experience required to creat new content isn’t free. So there are budget constraints for most people. But what I’ve been thinking about is creating an outline so to speak, like a road map for the year. Plan out some trips and topics to write about throughout the year as more of an automatic way to create content on a consistent basis. Good luck.

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