My name is Homer. I’m a Professional FireFighter in Utah. I have been hunting for a few years and this year I’ve had to opportunity to introduce my Fiance to the sport. Her and I met at a car accident, that’s how we like to tell the story. She’s in Law Enforcement and was on scene dealing with all of the cop things and I was there to treat patients. After 2 years of us both living our own separate lives, we finally got a chance to get to know each other and we haven’t stopped since.

We enjoy going on adventures together, whether it be road trips or hikes, we like experiencing life together and sharing our favorite things with each other. This blog was born as an idea the first time we went duck hunting. As anyone that has ever taught a new hunter knows, this is one of the best experiences someone can have. Since that first hunt there is a continuous drive for us to go hunt together, mostly it comes from her asking when can we go hunt together.

In review, I’m a Firefighter but love bird hunting. I love sharing my experiences with my fiance and have been learning a lot from that. These are just thoughts of ours and also a way for us to share our lessons learned. There will be stories of our hunts and some product reviews of things we have tried and tested in the field. I hope you subscribe to the blog and enjoy this journey with us.

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