Real Talk from The Female First Time Hunter

When your fiancé tells you that hunting coyotes isn’t scary, and while you’re sitting in the middle of an empty desert crouching down behind some sage brush you decide to do a Google Image search for “coyote” to remind yourself what they look like since you’ve never seen one in real life before, your search … Continue reading Real Talk from The Female First Time Hunter

Bucket list Montana Upland Hunting

With plans made and shotguns and vests in tow, we made the long drive to Big Sky Country, one of my bucket list states to hunt in, and quickly fell in love with that state. I felt like heaven is very close to what Montana looked like. As we drove through, my hunter mind was going crazy thinking, “This is great coyote country” or “This looks like we’ll have a blast upland hunting.” The hills were begging for us to walk it and look for some game. After we arrived, we got set up for bed and were excited for what the next two days would bring.