The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast Joins Project Upland Listen

The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast Joins Project Upland Listen — Read on Guys. This is awesome to see my mentor becoming part of the Project Uplands family. Check this article out and then don't forget to subscribe to The Gun Dog Notebook podcast!

Pheasant Hunting In Utah

Pheasant hunting in Utah isn’t always the easiest the easiest thing to do. Pheasants don’t winter well in Utah and depending on where you go, there’s some decent pressure on the birds. With all of that in mind, my fiancé and I decided we wanted to sleep in a little and break up the duck hunting by going pheasant hunting.

No hunt but eyes to the sky!

I know this blog is about my fiancé and I hunting and getting her into hunting but these last two weeks we had a few things planned that broke up our hunting a little bit. We went on what my buddy called a "nature walk" and back packed to Havasupai Falls which was pretty fun on its own.